Thursday, March 5, 2009

Declawing the Downwinders

Fast Eddie kept a few of the shipyard bets
from the Turf Club bookies in Portland post-
depression all through the war he ran

books from a box of frozen blueberries
in the basement Grandma divorced him for gambling
away the family home some-

how he won her back: Jackpot
Fast Eddie draws his line in
the Nevada desert calls upon the general

Postmaster slowly makes his way up from Battle Creek
A million dollar diamond ring stolen by gunpoint in the rear
of a pink Lincoln convertible overloaded with cash and coin and

his new ethics of thievery: The house
always wins with a charming smile
and a touch of class anything goes
and nobody seems to care when

another Protestant vigilante with pencil-line mustache
segregates a housing complex thought
no one should notice all the dark skin out back

From gramps

From gramps

From gramps

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